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Commission of Trust

Special investigator to the Swedish Government

The Cancer Association in Stockholm, Chairperson of the Board

Sweden Japan Foundation,

Chairperson of the Board

Harriet Wallberg was appointed to lead the investigation "Licensing and professional regulation in health care and dental care" in October 2023. The report must be handed over to Minister of Health Acko Ankarberg before the summer of 2025.

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The Cancer association in Stockholm is part of Radiumhemmet's research foundation, supporting cancer research. The association is the oldest foundation devoted to cancer research in Sweden, formed in 1910. Harriet Wallberg is Chair of the Board since 2022.

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Sweden Japan Foundation was founded in 1971 and is supporting collaborations between Sweden and Japan, by awarding scholarships to young students to visit Japan for research, internships, or education. Harriet Wallberg is Chair of the Board since 2016.

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Malmö Universitet, Member of the Board

Malmö Universitet is one of the youngest universities in Sweden. It was founded in 1998 as a university college and became a full university in 2018. Malmö Universitet has 24,000 students and educational programs within a broad spectrum of professions such as odontology, health care professions, police training and teacher educations. Harriet Wallberg is a Member of the Board since 2020.


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